REAL Customer Reviews for Zantrex-3

Over the past 7 years, the name Zantrex-3 has become synonymous with “rapid weight loss” and “extreme energy.” Pop superstar Britney Spears helped add to Zantrex-3’s fame when she dropped her purse at London’s Heathrow Airport and a bottle of Zantrex-3 rolled out. An eyewitness at the scene said the mega star hurried to get the bright blue bottle back in her bag before anyone noticed, but she wasn’t fast enough...someone snapped a pic, and Brit’s alleged weight-loss secret was soon making headlines.

And if you’ve been on the Internet or seen the news at all in the last month, you’ve undoubtedly heard the hubbub surrounding Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of MTV’s Jersey Shore, and Zantrex-3 Fat Burner. Snooki, who’s struggled with her weight for years, has been looking a little leaner and in much better shape recently. The rumor mill has been giving credit for Snooki’s weight loss to her new trainer.

But it would seem that recently, the pint-sized party girl may have accidentally revealed the real secret behind her weight loss. She posted a snapshot of herself on Twitter looking busty and surprisingly thin in her bedroom mirror. One of her faithful followers noticed a bottle sitting on the dresser in the bottom corner of the pic and recognized the familiar bright red packaging of Zantrex-3 Fat Burner. And then Snooki was caught on camera with a bottle of Zantrex Fat Burner outside her gym, and the Internet went crazy with accusations that Snooki was “cheating” her way to weight loss.

But celebs aren’t the only ones using the Zantrex products. Zoller Laboratories, maker of Zantrex-3 and Zantrex Fat Burner, claims to have sold millions of bottles over the past 7 years. The pills are favorites among the “high energy” crowd, including bodybuilders and college students, and from what we’ve been able to discover the brand has an extremely loyal customer base.

But if you’re like me, the only thing you really want to know about Zantrex is “Will it work for me?” We’ve compiled a list of reviews from actual customers who have used original Zantrex-3 to give you an idea of how it’s worked for others. Just remember, both original Zantrex-3 and Zantrex-3 High Energy Fat Burner contain an EXTREMELY POTENT xanthine complex, so they’re not for everyone. If you’re sensitive to stimulants, xanthines or any caffeine-like substance, you’ll have to look elsewhere for weight-loss help. But if you’re not, the Zantrex products might be just what you’re looking for. And thankfully, at under $30 a bottle, celebrities aren’t the only ones who can afford them.

And did we mention that ALL Zantrex products come with an iron-clad guarantee? Simply stated, if you’re not satisfied with any Zoller Laboratories product, just return it to the place of purchase within 30 days to receive a full, no-questions-asked refund.

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Zantrex-3 Customer Reviews

  • Carley L
    ...After giving birth to my first son, I weighed 238 lbs. I tried other diet pills and had no success, so I turned to Zantrex-3 and the weight began flying off. And 96 lbs later, here I am. I feel better, and I’m so very happy with my results...

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  • Timothy S
    …I am a US Army vet and something that all military personnel will tell you is that it is very easy to put on extra pounds...  -Read More-

  • Amanda L
    ...Five years ago before I married I weighed 95 lbs. Then when I got married and had two wonderful kids my weight went up to 170 lbs. I tried everything from bicycling, going to the gym, swimming...

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  • Jessica B
    …I’m 22 years old and have struggled with my weight my whole life. I have tried and yo-yoed on diets and plans to find a satisfying look. I picked up Zantrex-3 about a year ago to try out the supplement route. It was about 3 months in I started to see dramatic results... -Read More-

  • David W
    …From the first two weeks of using Zantrex-3, I noticed changes with my eating routine, my mood, my sleeping habits and ultimately my energy levels. The subtle changes I noticed every other week whether on the scale or in the mirror excited me more and more and just fueled my desire.…

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  • Lantz H
    ...Thank you [for] assisting me with my weight loss program. I greatly appreciate what your product has done for me. With the assistance of your product Zantrex-3 I have lost 105 lbs and turned my life around...

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  • Mike E
    ...I am 5’7” tall and have been over-weight pretty much the most of my adult years. During Christmas, pictures taken of myself really hit me hard. At that time I realized I was 43, still single, and very overweight at 235 pounds... -Read More-

  • Adam C
    ....Didn’t believe I could do it! I would never be able to stay on this diet. These are some of the horrible comments that I had to face each day. I’ve done the whole group support, most diet pills I never knew existed. But the pill Zantrex-3. WOW! -Read More-